Wholly Bites Boulder, CO

A killer paleo snack out of the Rockies.

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Apr 18, 2016

Kelly Lang

Found these at whole foods so I gave them a try. Not bad if your willing to pay 8 bucks a bag. The upside is they are very filling so they do last.

Wholly Bites Apricot Pecan Clusters



Wholly Bites Cacao Nib Clusters



Wholly Bites Ginger Snap Clusters



Wholly Bites Sweet Curry Clusters



Wholly Bites are gluten-free, Paleo-friendly snacking clusters, made from whole nuts, seeds, coconut, dried fruit and super foods. They're free from sugar, grains, agave, dairy and soy, and available in four yummy flavors: Cacao Nib, Apricot Pecan, Ginger Snap and Sweet Curry. Perfect for snacking instead of granola, cookies, crackers, chips, bars or candy.